Life is Rich
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The Story



Life is Rich is a real-life comedy about Bonnie Rich, a Jewish mom on a mission to convince her 20-something daughters that they should raise her maybe-one-day-future grandchildren Jewish.

Neither daughter is pregnant or even married. But Bonnie’s a planner, so she schleps her daughters to meet rabbis and tries to force them to find joy in holiday celebrations. Through it all, Bonnie and the girls debate the relevance of religion, while taking ample breaks for a nosh, a laugh and taste of wisdom from the ultimate Bubbe, Bonnie’s mom.


"A tender and heartfelt way to open up intergenerational conversation across faith communities about the role of religion in modern life."

Joshua Glick, Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies and Hillel Advisor, Hendrix College



Like 1 in 5 American Jews who describe themselves as having no particular religion, Bonnie’s daughters feel connected to the food and family gatherings of their childhood, but disconnected from Judaism. Not sure how to persuade her now-adult children that the religion they were raised with is worth passing down, Bonnie panics, then picks up her camera.

Life is Rich takes a humorous and heartfelt look at how families pass down traditions and create new ones. The film attracts multi-generational audiences who come for the film and stay for the conversation, connection and community. 

Since its premiere, Bonnie has been invited to screen Life is Rich and share her family’s story across the country. Her charming, relatable humor is perfect for presentations ranging from keynote speeches to intimate round-table conversations.


“I need to call my mom and get her recipes.”

Overheard in the ladies' room