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An award-winning documentary about one Jewish mom dishing tradition to her daughters.


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Life is Rich began as a labor of love—literally. I was shocked to find out how disconnected from Judaism my Jewish-camp-going, two-time-Israel-visiting, latke-making 20-something daughters felt. In an effort to connect them to the spiritual side of Judaism—and to get them to agree to raise my future grandchildren Jewish—I schlepped them to meet rabbis and tried to force them to find more meaning and joy in Jewish holidays. 

I filmed it all, and I ended up with a warm, funny film that is resonating with people of all ages. Using the film to re-engage folks with Judaism has been a second labor of love.

We premiered at the Washington Jewish Film Festival where we were honored with an Audience Award! The sold-out crowd cried a little, laughed a lot and engaged in lively conversation about family, food and faith. 

Bonnie Rich, Director & Aspiring Bubbe


“Poignantly captures the present-day American Jewish dilemma of stimulating the next generation to be identified as Jews."

Aviva Kempner, Director, The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg, Rosenwald and other films


Want to get parents and their millennial kids talking about tradition while sharing a nosh and laugh?

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“Tackles difficult questions—on culture, religion, and heritage—
with humor and fearlessness.”

Arch Campbell, Long-time Washington, DC movie reviewer

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