Life is Rich
Celebrating family, food & humor

Host a Screening

Host a Screening


Life is Rich is a film that uniquely connects multi-generational audiences and sparks conversations.

Our community screening kit includes a selection of fun event formats, discussion prompts and detailed instructions on how to facilitate your event.


“I need to call my mom and get her recipes.”

Overheard in the ladies' room

Engage Your Community

Possible objectives include:

  • Draw your community closer through laughter and lively conversation.

  • Inspire members to become more connected to your organization's social and educational programs.

  • Engage millennials in spirited discussion about their cultural and/or religious identities.

  • Create a setting where stories and joy can be passed down from one generation to another.

“The film was funny, entertaining and realistic. I'm sure I can enjoy it just as much on a repeat show.”

Beverley Fishman