Life is Rich


Washington Jewish Film Festival Audience Award Winner! Read more


Life is Rich is a real life comedy about Bonnie Rich, a filmmaker and Jewish mom on a mission—to persuade her millennial daughters to raise her unborn grandchildren Jewish.

While her daughters see little need for Jewish ritual that doesn’t involve food, Bonnie wants them to see Judaism as more than matzo ball soup. So she lures her daughters into Jewish sing-alongs and drags them to meet with rabbis. As Bonnie pushes and her daughters resist, she re-thinks her own relationship with Judaism and wonders if she can wake up her own Jewish soul.

Life is Rich uses humor to address a timely social issue—how to make tradition and religious ritual personally meaningful. The film's portrayal of four generations of one family and their changing relationship with Judaism is relatable to Americans with strong cultural and religious roots. The film sparks family storytelling and conversations about the challenges of passing down tradition.

Life is Rich premiered at the 2018 Washington Jewish Film Festival to a sold out crowd who laughed together, cried a little, and were fired up to talk afterward. With their enthusiastic response, the film won an Audience Award.


“Bonnie Rich tackles some of our time’s most difficult questions—on culture, religion, and heritage—with humor and fearlessness. She makes me think while I’m laughing at her gentle humor.”

Arch Campbell, Long-time Washington, DC movie reviewer