Life is Rich
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Audience reaction for the Jewish family documentary




“Bonnie Rich tackles some of our time’s most difficult questions—on culture, religion, and heritage—with humor and fearlessness. She makes me think while I’m laughing at her gentle humor.” 

— Arch Campbell, Long-time Washington, DC movie reviewer

With humor and poignancy Life is Rich captures the present day American Jewish dilemma of stimulating the next generation to be identified as Jews.  A great film for the whole family to see and talk about way into the night. 
— Aviva Kempner, Director, Rosenwald and other great documentaries

“I loved the film! It was filled with so much humor and heart­—and it asked many questions that I often grapple with as a young adult trying to figure out what my own Judaism means to me, and how I want to pass my traditions and beliefs on as I grow older.” 

— Heather Koslov

“In Life is Rich it’s hard not to fall in love with the warm, relatable humor of Bonnie Rich and her loving family. No one—regardless of cultural or religious background— should miss going on this adventure with them. The film is storytelling at its best. It addresses serious questions that most families face. It gave me a lot to think about and led to rich conversations with my own family.” 

— Susan Orlins, Author

My son and I absolutely loved the film! So much of what was expressed in the film is relative to our life. In fact, we came home and had a family meeting to discuss some changes in our weekly practices.
— Danielle Glosser

"I need to call my mom and get her recipes."

— Overheard in the ladies’ room

“Documentary films (and filmmakers) can often take themselves too seriously. However, Life is Rich is a hilarious yet poignant look at how families grapple with passing on their religious traditions when their kids are skeptical.  As someone who was raised Catholic, but struggled with whether or not to pass on the religion to her children, I found the themes in the film to be universal. I was lucky to see this film with a packed audience and the room was in stitches but also deeply moved.  Bring your parents, your grandparents, and your kids and share in Life is Rich."

— Kiley Kraskouskas, Director

The movie brought out some pretty intense feelings and a big discussion, and I’m so glad my husband came along. Maybe we’ll start our own Jewish Journey.
— Janna Bialek

“Every single person in the documentary was a great character.  The narration was witty and clever, and I was truly laughing out loud.” 

— Katy Barrett

“Humorous and poignant, charming, relatable. I am not your target demographic, but you won me over in the first five minutes.” 

— Mark Maxey

Life is Rich touched such genuine concerns for families, while infusing great humor, honest reality, and a loving touch.
— Marjorie Kramer

“The film was funny, entertaining and realistic. I’m sure I can enjoy it just as much on a repeat show.” 

— Beverley Fishman

“The film was funny, touching, and informative. I loved the conversations with the rabbis and the family really walked the journey together.” 

— Tiffany Neill

Life is Rich was so intimate, so personal, so revealing, so funny. It was beautiful to see the love in the family.
—  Cynthia Friedman