Life is Rich
Celebrating family, food & humor

Host a Screening

Host a Screening



Join the growing network of festivals, synagogues and community venues that have hosted screenings of Life is Rich and invited director Bonnie to engage with the audience about parenting millennials, passing down traditions and sharing family stories.

As a Life is Rich event host, here's the kind impact you can have:

Intergenerational Conversations
Screening events bring together people from different generations for conversations that allow them to talk and listen to one another in ways that create authentic connections.

Reconnect To Tradition
The film sparks lively discussions between parents and children about their own traditions and heritage.

Strengthen Your Outreach
Synagogue screenings attract both members and non-members who engage in conversations with one another, the rabbi and Bonnie.

I need to call my mom and get her recipes
— Overheard in the ladies' room
Storytelling at its best. It led to rich conversations with my own family.
— Susan Orlins, Award-Winning Author


Like 1 in 5 American Jews who describe themselves as having no particular religion, Bonnie’s daughters feel connected to the food and family gatherings of their childhood, but disconnected from Judaism. Not sure how to persuade her now-adult children that the religion they were raised with is worth passing down, Bonnie panics, then picks up her camera.

Life is Rich takes a humorous and heartfelt look at how families pass down traditions and create new ones. The film attracts multi-generational audiences who come for the film and stay for the conversation, connection and community. 

Since its premiere, Bonnie has been invited to screen Life is Rich and share her family’s story across the country. Her charming, relatable humor is perfect for presentations ranging from keynote speeches to intimate round-table conversations.

Filled with humor and heart­—it asked many questions that I grapple with as a young adult trying to figure out what my own Judaism means to me.
— Heather Koslov, Sixth & I
Thanks, Bonnie for bringing the question of the future of Judaism to life.
— Rabbi Jonah Layman, Congregation Shaare Tefila