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Thanks for your interest in the Life is Rich Dishing Tradition Screening Tour!

Become a host and gather adults of all ages to watch the film, laugh together and have conversations about family, tradition and spirituality in a humorous and authentic way. 

Our discussion and event planning guide gives you the tools to host a fun and memorable event.




Meet & Greet

Create a special event by following the screening with a Q & A and meet and greet with filmmaker Bonnie Rich. Bonnie’s daughter, Leah, is also available for events. Their mother-daughter comedy stylings are a hit on the national film festival circuit.


A New Kind of
Date Night

Pair the film with a Sunday lunch or Shabbat dinner. More than 100 members and guests attended Temple Beth Ami’s Food Film Fest. The fest started with a Wine & Cheese Welcome, followed by a “Spirit of Shabbat” Service, Shabbat Dinner, film screening and, of course, lots of laughter and conversation.


Soup and the Movie

At Story District’s headquarters in DC, grandparents, mothers & daughters, and adults of all ages slurped delicious matzo ball and vegan squash soup before the screening. After the film, the capacity crowd asked advice from the panel about parenting and passing down tradition.


Community-Led Screening

Temple Emanuel used the discussion guide to facilitate their own screening discussion. The crowd didn’t want to stop talking, and only ended their conversations because another program needed the room!


Ready to schedule a screening?
Contact Bonnie at 301.908.5399 or or use our contact page.


"You know that an event is a success when the room is full and people who don't want to stop their conversations."

Linda Wolpert, Sisterhood President, Temple Emanuel


We’re truly appreciative for the love, laughter and conversations we’ve had at screenings from California to Florida to Washington, DC. Young parents, grandparents and singles all have told us stories about their own families—and the joy and challenges of passing down tradition.

I want to share a special moment from the San Luis Obispo Jewish Film Festival. A wonderful, warm, energetic, grandmother stopped me on the street as I was walking to get lunch after the screening.

“I just saw your film!” she said. "I immediately spoke to my 15-year-old granddaughter and told her that instead of trying to impart my Judaism to her, I was going to encourage her to find her own path in how she should practice Judaism. She literally breathed a sigh of relief. I'm excited to be there to support her moving forward.”

I was excited, too! These are the kinds of conversations people are eager to have and we’d love to bring to your community! 

Bonnie Rich, Director & Aspiring Bubbe


“My teenage son and I loved the film! In fact, we came home and had a family meeting to discuss changes in our weekly practices.”

— Danielle Glosser

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