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Episode 3: Imperfect Parent


Last week, Bonnie tried to add some light and childhood play to the 40-day practice. But Leah and Rebecca found a dark side to the exercises. How will mom and daughters sort through the imperfect art of working together creatively and spiritually?

Watch the teaser for the film LIFE IS RICH here and learn more about bringing Bonnie & Leah to your organization to talk about parenting, adulting and passing down tradition here.

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Klezmer music by the Casco Bay Tummlers.

Power of Shira Exercises — we talk about the power of shira (song), and the power of Rabbi Shira wisdom in this episode. Here are some resources to give a try this week:

Modeh Ani is said upon waking in the morning. It is a beautiful and powerful prayer thanking God for returning our souls to us. Our souls are like rechargeable batteries. Each night God takes them, charges them, and then, in the morning, (B'H) returns them to us for a new day.

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