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Episode 1: God Mom Really?


Filmmaker and Jewish mom, Bonnie Rich, did her share of dishing tradition to her 20-something daughters in the documentary, Life is Rich.

Now, younger daughter, Leah, has eaten her words uttered early in the film, "I don't see us gaining any religious knowledge in our future."

Leah wants Bonnie to take her on a 40-day spiritual journey rooted in Judaism. Older daughter, Rebecca, has FOMO (fear of missing out), so although more into food traditions than soul searching, she's joining the fun too.

They're wrapping it all up in the podcast, Life is Rich Dishing Tradition. Listen as Leah and Rebecca talk to Bonnie about adulting, spirituality, matchmaking at Passover seders and if they're actually doing the exercises Bonnie is assigning.

Watch the teaser for the film LIFE IS RICH here and learn more about bringing Bonnie & Leah to your organization to talk about parenting, adulting and passing down tradition here.

Music by the Casco Bay Tummlers.

Daily pause inspired by the books, Jewish with Feeling by Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalom, Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg and Discovering Jewish Mediation by Nan Fink Gefen

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